Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this hair be colored?

Yes you can! This hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair meaning that the hair has never undergone any chemical processing. Be sure to keep the hair conditioned and moisturized. Curly to Kinky textures require a lot of moisture.

2. How long does the hair last?

With proper maintenance, it can last up to two years or more. This hair can definitely be reused.

3. Turnaround time on a custom unit can spand anywhere between 7-14 days for completion

4. Turnaround time for Tailored Units ( ready made units) are shipped out within 3-7 days pf purchase. You will be notified via email of the tracking information once your order has shipped.

Maintenance Instructions:

Wash hair hair atleast ever 1-2 weeks

wash hair in a downward strokes. Rinse hair with warm water. Apply conditioner, comb or detangle with a brush; starting from the ends  up to the root. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. let Air dry.

daily maintenance : use styling products at a minimally to avoid buildup.

For Curly or wavy hair, just add water to achieve a natural appearance. a leave in condition is recommended to retain moisture. For more defined waves or curls, use a curl definer. Using alcohol based products will dry out your extensions. When applying all products be sure to work through thoroughly bu young a comb or detangling brush.